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We interview Paul Kane, who Clive Barker himself describes as the "resident Hellraiser expert". We discuss his books "The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell" as well as a chat about conventions, writing and basically becoming a part of the horror world. 

Twitter: @HellraiserCast

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We discuss Paul Kane's book Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell - a mash up between Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock stories and Clive Barker's Hellraiser mythology. Victorian versions of your favourite characters and situations from the franchise mixed with brand new elements and new Cenobites! How are all these missing persons cases linked? Who is the Engineer? Will Holmes be able to solve the mystery without succumbing to Hell's forces? 

Join us on Twitter: @HellraiserCast 

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We discuss the otherworldly, demonic (to some) beings known as the Cenobites. What are they? What do they do? Who's your favourite? As part of this discussion we reveal the amount of time Pinhead appears on screen in all 10 movies. The results might surprise you! 

We also discuss the recent news of a new Hellraiser reboot to be written by David S. Goyer. 


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We continue exploring the stories from "Clive Barker's Hellraiser" - the EPIC comics from the early 1990s. This time we have stories by Nicholas Vince and Larry Wachowski, and we launch into the multi part story The Devil's Brigade. Meet a clown who entertains Hell's children. Meet a Cenobite's pet. Meet the Devil's Brigade. Come. Join us. 



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We celebrate our Episode 50 by talking through some listener questions and having a general geek out about the Hellraiser world.

Favourite Hellraiser movies, Clive Barker's other books and short stories, what the future of Hellraiser could be and anything else that comes to us. Join us and celebrate the amazing world of Hellraiser. 



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Join us with a couple of drinks as we watch and talk through the 10th movie in the Hellraiser franchise - Judgment! We also discuss Peter's meticulous research (as he frantically searches IMDB) and we experience some ghostly tapping in Phil's haunted house. Enjoy! 


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We talk about the brand new Hellraiser movie - Judgment! Who are the Stygian Inquisition? Who is the Preceptor? Who is Jophiel? How long can a dog hold its breath? Some of these questions will be answered. 

Also includes a bonus mini interview with the new Pinhead Paul T. Taylor. Enjoy!



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An interview with the new Pinhead - Paul T. Taylor. He discusses details about the new movie Hellraiser: Judgement, what it feels like to become an instant horror icon, what his process was to become Pinhead, and much more. And no, he doesn't know when the movie is coming out. 


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We're baaaack! Here it is folks - our commentary to Hellraiser: Revelations. We kick back with a bottle of sambuca to help us through and discuss the movie. Warning - we get a bit silly. We also discover during recording that Phil's new house is haunted. Enjoy! 



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We drink some drinks and talk through the controversial 8th movie in the Hellraiser series - Hellworld! We try to remain as positive as possible while trying to make sense  of the sprawling plot. We try. Pour yourself your favourite booze and join us. Doug Bradley! Lance Henriksen! Sexy nuns! Superman!


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