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The One Where Pinhead Goes Mental. Trapped in a pillar, could you talk your way out of it? Just what is waiting for journalist Joey Summerskill at the Boiler Room club? How many pool balls can you fit in your mouth? Why does that chap have CDs in his head? All will be revealed. (Apart from the pool balls. Don't try that at home)

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One year after the original came Hellbound - following on directly from Hellraiser. Join us as we discuss the film - Who is calling Kirsty to Hell? What's that weird Doctor doing with that mattress? Who in Hell is Leviathan? Come in and find out. Oh yes. 

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In our very first podcast we discuss the film that started it all off - Clive Barker's Hellraiser from 1987. The story, the characters, the actors, the themes, the music and sound design - and some behind the scenes facts too. Join us. Open the box. Go on. We dare you ...

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