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Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s a bonus little episode for your pleasure (and pain). Firstly we have some Hellraiser news - the casting of the new Pinhead has been announced and the new movie has gained a very exciting Producer! We also recently saw a new digitally remastered print of the original film on the big screen and took a good friend of ours along who had never seen it before. Enjoy!

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We talk about a brand new release - Nia DaCosta's Candyman that was released just last week! We give our spoiler free thoughts first for those who haven't seen it yet then launch into a full spoilerific chat for those who have. What did you think of the movie? Let us know!

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We have a little bit of news for you all - mostly about the new Hellraiser remake/reboot movie but also about the HBO Hellraiser TV Show that is also in the works at the moment. Where will the movie be released? Who will be in it? Find out here ... even though some of these might just be rumours at the moment. Let us know what you think of the latest developments. 

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We have a chat with the co-creator and editor of the Hellraiser EPIC comics from the early 1990s, Dan "D.G." Chichester. We discuss how the project came about, working with Clive Barker, coming up with a Hellraiser "bible" for all the creators, and the epic journey that is The Devil's Brigade. 

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We discuss Volume One of the absolutely fantastic book of short stories Books of Blood written by the one and only Clive Barker. In this volume are the stories The Book of Blood, The Midnight Meat Train, The Yattering and Jack, Pig Blood Blues, Sex, Death and Starshine and In the Hills, The Cities. There are some mild spoilers for the stories so if you haven't read them yet then we would recommend you do! 

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