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Here it is at last - Peter and Phil chat through the brand new Hellraiser movie. We discuss the story, performers, the new cenobites, the new designs of the puzzle box, the music, special effects and much, much more. Who is this mysterious Voight figure? What's it like having a Lady Pinhead? Why is that character callled Trevor? How many times can we say the word "configuration" in one episode? See what we thought of the film and let us know if you agree with us!

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Happy Halloween! Peter and Phil drop in to say hi and have little chat about what is coming up in the future on the podcast - and also some very special and exciting news about the new movie for UK fans!!

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Peter and Phil sit down (via Zoom) with Ed and Nina Martinez who were involved in Coenobium Magazine back in the late 80s into the 90s. Ed & Nina recently interviewed the guys behind the practical make up effects on the new Hellraiser movie - Josh and Sarah Russell (RussellFX). We chat with Ed and Nina about their interview, getting some fascinating insights into the new movie, as well as having a trip down Memory Lane chatting about Coenobium Magazine too. 

Watch the full interview with RussellFX on YouTube here

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Peter and Phil talk through the just released trailer for the new Hellraiser reboot movie, coming to Hulu on October 7th. We watch and comment on the trailer itself then break it down and see what we can glean from it. Let us know what you think!

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We're back! Peter and Phil return for a little bit of news about the new Hellraiser movie heading to Hulu very soon. We now have a release date and our first tiny glimpse of the new Pinhead, and there will be more to come shortly. 

Also normal regular podcats will resume very soon - we promise!

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