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Here we bring you a feature length commentary for Hellraiser 2. We drink some wine and chat through the second film in the series. Pop your DVD or Blu-ray in (or whatever futuristic device you have in the future!) and join us ...

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A spoiler free podcast discussing Nicholas Vince's book of short stories What Monsters Do, including an interview with Nick himself in a pub to get his thoughts and feelings on the stories. Includes our first ever COMPETITION! Ooooooh. 

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The comics from 1990 continue! How does a Cenobite create puzzle guardians? Can you follow someone into Hell after they've been dragged through? Would you move into a house with a puzzle on the floor and a mysterious door to nowhere in the wall? These comics really are very good. 

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We speak to Ryan, Jose and Crystal - the driving force behind Occupy Midian - the online presence to get Nightbreed: the Cabal Cut into our homes. We chat Nightbreed, Hellraiser, studios, remakes, and much more. Enjoy!

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This podcast released on the 18th September 2012 - exactly 25 years after Hellraiser was released in the US! A little short podcast about our recent trip to the house where they filmed most of the movie. Unfortunately due to a technical problem the original discussion was lost, so Peter has a little chat with himself while going slightly mad. 

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It's exactly 25 years since Hellraiser was released to UK screens! To mark this wonderful occasion we have recorded a feature length commentary of the movie. We talk through the film while getting a little tipsy and we invite you to join us!

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We went off on an adventure to watch Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square. We discuss what we made of the new version of the movie, and chat to some of the stars to get their views. APOLOGIES for some of the poor sound quality in the Question and Answer section - we were quite a long way away from the stage!!!

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The original script of Deader had nothing whatsoever to do with Hellraiser. Join us as we take a look at the differences between that script and the finished movie Hellraiser:Deader. Who is The Shark Mouth? What is a Baby Table? Why didn't they keep all the nudity? Have a listen. Go on. Do it. 

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We discuss two films that Clive Barker wrote before Hellraiser - Underworld (aka Transmutations) from 1985 and Rawhead Rex from 1986. It could be argued that were it not for these films he never would have directed Hellraiser himself. And you will see why. Not to give away what we (and Clive) think of the movies, all I'll say is we use the word "rubbish" quite a lot in this episode!! RAWHEAD!!!!!!!!!

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An original Hellraiser radio play produced by the Hellraiser Podcast. The tale of one man's obsession to break free of the mortal world, and his pursuit of a certain puzzle that promises more ...

WARNING - contains material some listeners may find disturbing.

Music by Tom Fahy. Licensed through the Free Music Archive under an Attribution-ShareAlike License. All track information and attributions can be found at www.hellraiserpodcast.com

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