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The first two books from the EPIC comics which were first released in 1989. The world of Hellraiser was opened up for the first time. From the Crusades to the near future via the Old West, the box and the Cenobites have been around for a long time. See what they've been up to!

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The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker - the original novella that Hellraiser was based on. This is where it all began - see how the book differs to the film in our first discussion about Clive Barker's books. And No More Souls, Gary Tunnicliffe's short fan film about what might happen to an old age Pinhead. Two wonderful pieces of the Hellraiser world. Please - feel free. Explore.

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Well here it is - a brand new Hellraiser film! Two friends disappear whilst on a wild trip to Mexico. A year later their parents have a dinner party. Then one of them turns up. What's going on? Who is that guy with nails in his head? He looks different. Has Chatterer got boobs? Find out here.

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A group of friends who are addicted to the game Hellworld get more than they bargain for when they go to a Hellworld party. Featuring Lance Henriksen and soon-to-be-Superman Henry Cavill. But is it any good? Opinions differ on this one - find out ours here!

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Fear is where you go to learn. Spunky young journalist Amy Klein is sent to Romania to investigate a cult. Who exactly are the Deaders? What's it got to do with the puzzle box? How do you get a knife out of your back? All will be revealed. Listen on ...

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Ashley Laurence returns! Film number six follows Trevor, reeling from the death of his wife trying to piece together his puzzle-like life. Are these strange things real, or hallucinations? What happened to his wife? Why is everyone trying to have sex with him? Let's find out ...

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Interviews with Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Ashley Laurence (Kirsty), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer), Simon Bamford (Butterball) and Oliver Smith (Frank the Monster/Browning). We met them all at the London Film and Comic Con 2011 and were very lucky to get these interviews. Enjoy!

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The first stand alone Hellraiser film. A detective with questionable ethics stumbles across the Lament Configuration. But does he stumble across it? Or is someone playing games with him? Does a gritty film noir set in the Hellraiser world work? Find out here.

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So here we are. The first film not to have a number. Pinhead in space! And the puzzle box's origins! Ooooh. Surely this must be the greatest film so far!!!! Find out what we think of it. (p.s. we don't think it's the greatest film so far)

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The One Where Pinhead Goes Mental. Trapped in a pillar, could you talk your way out of it? Just what is waiting for journalist Joey Summerskill at the Boiler Room club? How many pool balls can you fit in your mouth? Why does that chap have CDs in his head? All will be revealed. (Apart from the pool balls. Don't try that at home)

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We discuss the second movie in the franchise - Hellbound! From a story by Clive Barker but written by Peter Atkins and directed by Tony Randel, we explore the huge expansion of the mythology that the sequel introduces. Who is Leviathan? What's in the basement of the Channard Institute? Why does Chatterer have eyes now? Find out here ...

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Welcome to the Hellraiser Podcast! In our first episode we talk through the first movie in the Hellraiser franchise, written and directed by Clive Barker. We discuss the story, characters, actors and behind the scenes stories from the making of the movie. The podcast - you downloaded it, we came! 

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