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We discuss the BOOM Studios Hellraiser Annual from March 2012, and then the comic arc Hell Hath No Fury, originally released monthly as issues 13-16 in April - July 2012. What is Elliot up to? Can Kirsty help? Where does Harry D'Amour fit into all this? Do we know exactly what's going on? Find out here ...

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We discuss some recent news - mainly the outcome of Clive Barker's lawsuit to reclaim the rights to Hellraiser, as well as other bits and pieces including the new TV show and upcoming Blu-ray releases. We also share with you all a Hellraiser/Batman link that you probably don't already know about. Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween! We have a fun and fairly silly chat, going through some listener questions and feedback. The conversation goes in many directions from favourite kill of the series, sex with cenobites and what kind of cenobite we would be (which results in two new inventions, The Seasoner and Razordisk!). We also have a bit of breaking Hellraiser/Clive Barker news and we review the short film The Torturer, written by Paul Kane and starring Paul T. Taylor. 

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We discuss the 1997 movie Wishmaster presented by Wes Craven and written by Peter Atkins, the writer of Hellraiser 2,3 & 4 and portrayer of the Barbie Cenobite. We go through the film talking about all aspects of it and playing spot the horror icon actor. Robert Englund! Tony Todd! Kane Hodder! Ted Raimi! Angus Scrimm! We would also like to apologise for the fact that we can't seem to stop doing impressions of the Djinn. 

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We chat to Peter Atkins, the writer of Hellraiser 2, 3 & 4 and actor in Hellraiser 3 as the Bartender/Barbie Cenobite. In a very entertaining and candid interview we discuss a range of topics including working with Clive Barker, the original concept of Leviathan, the many different scripts for Hellraiser 3, how he got his job as Barbie, and the difficult experience and studio interference on Hellraiser: Bloodline.


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Building The Beast (In Stages) - Pete's article on the different versions of Hellraiser 3


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We talk through the recent news that Clive Barker has filed a lawsuit with Larry Kuppin and Park Avenue Entertainment to possibly (hopefully) get the ongoing rights to Hellraiser. Here is everything we know so far as well as the background to the case. 

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Peter and Phil review the Ultimate Pinhead Action Figure from NECA that was released January 2020. We both own the figure and spend 15 minutes staring at it and gushing about how good it is.

Check out the link to the figure on NECA's website here.

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In this little mini bonus episode we discuss the recent breaking(ish) news that there is a Hellraiser TV show in the works, being brought to us by HBO. We go through all the details there are at the moment and what we could expect to see from the show. Exciting times!

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We return to the EPIC comics for a self-isolated quarantined chat. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus Peter & Phil have had to record separately and then splice the two halves together but we hope that it still sounds the same as usual. 

After a little bit of Hellraiser news about the current reboot in the works we launch into a discussion of Books 9 & 10, featuring stories by Lana Wachowski, Nicholas Vince, Scott Hampton and D. G. Chichester. Join us as we discuss Russian Roulette, the heavyweight champion of the world, and a dive back into the world of The Devil's Brigade.

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As a bonus podcast here is Episode 1 of Peter & Phil's brand new podcast Horror Movie Maniacs. We are branching out and beginning a more general discussion about horror movies, beginning with 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street directed by Wes Craven. Don't worry - we're still going to be doing more Hellraiser as well! 

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