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Peter and Phil have a first dive into the new beautiful Quartet of Torment box set from Arrow. We talk about the special features, but are mainly concentrating on the new Workprint version of Bloodline. What is different? What is the same? Is it a better viewing experience than the theatrical version? Find out here ...

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We bring some sad new about director of Hellraiser 3 Anthony Hickox, who sadly passed away this week. We also talk about a new 4K box set by Arrow due to be released on 23rd October and a new comic project by D.G. Chichester, the man behind the Hellraiser EPIC comics from the 90s. 

Arrow Films 4K Quartet of Torment Boxset

D.G. Chichester's Axles Inferno

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A little news episode all about the recent news that the new Hellraiser movie is coming out as a physical media release - with a couple of odd stipulations. Have a listen to find out what rather strange decisions have been made regarding this release. We also have some exciting Doug Bradley news for you as well. Enjoy!

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Here it is at last - Peter and Phil chat through the brand new Hellraiser movie. We discuss the story, performers, the new cenobites, the new designs of the puzzle box, the music, special effects and much, much more. Who is this mysterious Voight figure? What's it like having a Lady Pinhead? Why is that character callled Trevor? How many times can we say the word "configuration" in one episode? See what we thought of the film and let us know if you agree with us!

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Happy Halloween! Peter and Phil drop in to say hi and have little chat about what is coming up in the future on the podcast - and also some very special and exciting news about the new movie for UK fans!!

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Peter and Phil sit down (via Zoom) with Ed and Nina Martinez who were involved in Coenobium Magazine back in the late 80s into the 90s. Ed & Nina recently interviewed the guys behind the practical make up effects on the new Hellraiser movie - Josh and Sarah Russell (RussellFX). We chat with Ed and Nina about their interview, getting some fascinating insights into the new movie, as well as having a trip down Memory Lane chatting about Coenobium Magazine too. 

Watch the full interview with RussellFX on YouTube here

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Peter and Phil talk through the just released trailer for the new Hellraiser reboot movie, coming to Hulu on October 7th. We watch and comment on the trailer itself then break it down and see what we can glean from it. Let us know what you think!

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We're back! Peter and Phil return for a little bit of news about the new Hellraiser movie heading to Hulu very soon. We now have a release date and our first tiny glimpse of the new Pinhead, and there will be more to come shortly. 

Also normal regular podcats will resume very soon - we promise!

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Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s a bonus little episode for your pleasure (and pain). Firstly we have some Hellraiser news - the casting of the new Pinhead has been announced and the new movie has gained a very exciting Producer! We also recently saw a new digitally remastered print of the original film on the big screen and took a good friend of ours along who had never seen it before. Enjoy!

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We have a little bit of news for you all - mostly about the new Hellraiser remake/reboot movie but also about the HBO Hellraiser TV Show that is also in the works at the moment. Where will the movie be released? Who will be in it? Find out here ... even though some of these might just be rumours at the moment. Let us know what you think of the latest developments. 

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We have a chat with the co-creator and editor of the Hellraiser EPIC comics from the early 1990s, Dan "D.G." Chichester. We discuss how the project came about, working with Clive Barker, coming up with a Hellraiser "bible" for all the creators, and the epic journey that is The Devil's Brigade. 

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We discuss the BOOM Studios Hellraiser Annual from March 2012, and then the comic arc Hell Hath No Fury, originally released monthly as issues 13-16 in April - July 2012. What is Elliot up to? Can Kirsty help? Where does Harry D'Amour fit into all this? Do we know exactly what's going on? Find out here ...

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We discuss some recent news - mainly the outcome of Clive Barker's lawsuit to reclaim the rights to Hellraiser, as well as other bits and pieces including the new TV show and upcoming Blu-ray releases. We also share with you all a Hellraiser/Batman link that you probably don't already know about. Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween! We have a fun and fairly silly chat, going through some listener questions and feedback. The conversation goes in many directions from favourite kill of the series, sex with cenobites and what kind of cenobite we would be (which results in two new inventions, The Seasoner and Razordisk!). We also have a bit of breaking Hellraiser/Clive Barker news and we review the short film The Torturer, written by Paul Kane and starring Paul T. Taylor. 

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We chat to Peter Atkins, the writer of Hellraiser 2, 3 & 4 and actor in Hellraiser 3 as the Bartender/Barbie Cenobite. In a very entertaining and candid interview we discuss a range of topics including working with Clive Barker, the original concept of Leviathan, the many different scripts for Hellraiser 3, how he got his job as Barbie, and the difficult experience and studio interference on Hellraiser: Bloodline.


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Building The Beast (In Stages) - Pete's article on the different versions of Hellraiser 3


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Peter and Phil review the Ultimate Pinhead Action Figure from NECA that was released January 2020. We both own the figure and spend 15 minutes staring at it and gushing about how good it is.

Check out the link to the figure on NECA's website here.

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In this little mini bonus episode we discuss the recent breaking(ish) news that there is a Hellraiser TV show in the works, being brought to us by HBO. We go through all the details there are at the moment and what we could expect to see from the show. Exciting times!

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We return to the EPIC comics for a self-isolated quarantined chat. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus Peter & Phil have had to record separately and then splice the two halves together but we hope that it still sounds the same as usual. 

After a little bit of Hellraiser news about the current reboot in the works we launch into a discussion of Books 9 & 10, featuring stories by Lana Wachowski, Nicholas Vince, Scott Hampton and D. G. Chichester. Join us as we discuss Russian Roulette, the heavyweight champion of the world, and a dive back into the world of The Devil's Brigade.

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We interview Paul Kane, who Clive Barker himself describes as the "resident Hellraiser expert". We discuss his books "The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell" as well as a chat about conventions, writing and basically becoming a part of the horror world. 

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We discuss Paul Kane's book Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell - a mash up between Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock stories and Clive Barker's Hellraiser mythology. Victorian versions of your favourite characters and situations from the franchise mixed with brand new elements and new Cenobites! How are all these missing persons cases linked? Who is the Engineer? Will Holmes be able to solve the mystery without succumbing to Hell's forces? 

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We discuss the otherworldly, demonic (to some) beings known as the Cenobites. What are they? What do they do? Who's your favourite? As part of this discussion we reveal the amount of time Pinhead appears on screen in all 10 movies. The results might surprise you! 

We also discuss the recent news of a new Hellraiser reboot to be written by David S. Goyer. 


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We continue exploring the stories from "Clive Barker's Hellraiser" - the EPIC comics from the early 1990s. This time we have stories by Nicholas Vince and Larry Wachowski, and we launch into the multi part story The Devil's Brigade. Meet a clown who entertains Hell's children. Meet a Cenobite's pet. Meet the Devil's Brigade. Come. Join us. 



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We celebrate our Episode 50 by talking through some listener questions and having a general geek out about the Hellraiser world.

Favourite Hellraiser movies, Clive Barker's other books and short stories, what the future of Hellraiser could be and anything else that comes to us. Join us and celebrate the amazing world of Hellraiser. 



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Join us with a couple of drinks as we watch and talk through the 10th movie in the Hellraiser franchise - Judgment! We also discuss Peter's meticulous research (as he frantically searches IMDB) and we experience some ghostly tapping in Phil's haunted house. Enjoy! 


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We talk about the brand new Hellraiser movie - Judgment! Who are the Stygian Inquisition? Who is the Preceptor? Who is Jophiel? How long can a dog hold its breath? Some of these questions will be answered. 

Also includes a bonus mini interview with the new Pinhead Paul T. Taylor. Enjoy!



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An interview with the new Pinhead - Paul T. Taylor. He discusses details about the new movie Hellraiser: Judgement, what it feels like to become an instant horror icon, what his process was to become Pinhead, and much more. And no, he doesn't know when the movie is coming out. 


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We're baaaack! Here it is folks - our commentary to Hellraiser: Revelations. We kick back with a bottle of sambuca to help us through and discuss the movie. Warning - we get a bit silly. We also discover during recording that Phil's new house is haunted. Enjoy! 



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We drink some drinks and talk through the controversial 8th movie in the Hellraiser series - Hellworld! We try to remain as positive as possible while trying to make sense  of the sprawling plot. We try. Pour yourself your favourite booze and join us. Doug Bradley! Lance Henriksen! Sexy nuns! Superman!


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We discuss Clive Barker’s return to horror – his latest novel The Scarlet Gospels. The end of Pinhead! We also discuss recent news about the NEW Hellraiser movie, Judgement! NOTE – in a previous podcast Peter said that The Scarlet Gospels is the third ‘Book of the Art’. It’s not. It never has been. But Peter said it is because he’s an idiot. Sorry. And it's here in the podcast description because he forgot to say it in the actual podcast. Because he's a double idiot. Sorry.



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Here it is - our commentary for the wonderful Deader - Hellraiser 7. We drink some boozes while watching the movie - why not join us? We discuss the making of the movie, we express our admiration for the film while simultaneously admitting it doesn't all make perfect sense, and we get all nostalgic for VHS for a while. Enjoy!




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Join us with a glass of your favourite booze as we talk you through Hellraiser: Hellseeker. Ashley Laurence! Doug Bradley! Noisy CCTV cameras! Still no sign of Clive Barker but at least Pinhead is actually in this one. 

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Our second of three podcasts about the short story collection Hellbound Hearts, all based on the mythology created by Clive Barker in his novella The Hellbound Heart. We discuss stories by Richard Christian Matheson, Nancy Holder, Simon Clark, Steve Niles, Sarah Langan and Nicholas Vince. 



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We dive into our booze soaked commentaries once more. And this time we swim in the waters of Hellraiser: Inferno. With no sign of Clive Barker in sight, will the movie hold our attention for the whole of its running time? And will we hold your attention for the whole of its running time? Those questions and many more will be answered here. Disclaimer - those questions and many more may not be answered here. 

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We went to Birmingham in the middle of the UK to attend a screening of Hellraiser and Hellbound, organised by the lovely people at Back To The Theatre. Special guests there included Kenneth Cranham (Dr. Channard), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer), Simon Bamford (Butterball) and Geoff Portass (make up effects on both films). We recorded the Q&A sessions and here they are. NOTE - as it was a live recording of a staged event the sound quality does vary throughout. Sorry about that. But the chats were bloody brilliant!

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Here it is - our commentary for Hellraiser Bloodline. It features early morning drinking, Chatter Beast bashing and our favourite character from the Hellraiser universe - Jaques. Have a drink and join us! 

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In the first of 3 podcasts all about the book of short stories Hellbound Hearts, we take you through the first 7 stories. Amazing tales all set in the world of Hellraiser, or the world of Clive Barker's novella The Hellbound Heart. In Part 1 we discuss stories by Peter Atkins, Conrad Williams, Sarah Pinborough, Mick Garris, Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola, Tim Lebbon and Kelley Armstrong. 

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We have a chat with Barbie Wilde, the Female Cenobite from Hellbound: Hellraiser II. She chats about acting, throat flaps, writing and her brilliant new book The Venus Complex. www.barbiewilde.com 

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We talk through Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth while getting a little tipsy on wine and beer. Pop the film in your player and watch it with us! Pinhead! Unbound ... unstoppabobble. 

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Continuing the story from BOOM! Studios. Elliott is on Earth, but appears to have lost his memory, while Kirsty is coming to terms with her new role. Why is Tiffany helping Elliott? What happens when you open the box while in Hell? Where the Hell is Harry D'Amour? Do we like these issues as much as we liked issues 1-8? Use your ears to find the answers ...

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Here we bring you a feature length commentary for Hellraiser 2. We drink some wine and chat through the second film in the series. Pop your DVD or Blu-ray in (or whatever futuristic device you have in the future!) and join us ...

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The comics from 1990 continue! How does a Cenobite create puzzle guardians? Can you follow someone into Hell after they've been dragged through? Would you move into a house with a puzzle on the floor and a mysterious door to nowhere in the wall? These comics really are very good. 

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This podcast released on the 18th September 2012 - exactly 25 years after Hellraiser was released in the US! A little short podcast about our recent trip to the house where they filmed most of the movie. Unfortunately due to a technical problem the original discussion was lost, so Peter has a little chat with himself while going slightly mad. 

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It's exactly 25 years since Hellraiser was released to UK screens! To mark this wonderful occasion we have recorded a feature length commentary of the movie. We talk through the film while getting a little tipsy and we invite you to join us!

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The original script of Deader had nothing whatsoever to do with Hellraiser. Join us as we take a look at the differences between that script and the finished movie Hellraiser:Deader. Who is The Shark Mouth? What is a Baby Table? Why didn't they keep all the nudity? Have a listen. Go on. Do it. 

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We discuss two films that Clive Barker wrote before Hellraiser - Underworld (aka Transmutations) from 1985 and Rawhead Rex from 1986. It could be argued that were it not for these films he never would have directed Hellraiser himself. And you will see why. Not to give away what we (and Clive) think of the movies, all I'll say is we use the word "rubbish" quite a lot in this episode!! RAWHEAD!!!!!!!!!

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A little introduction to Piercing The Veil - an original horror radio play set in the Hellraiser world that we have created for your listening pleasure. 

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The second part of our interview with Nicholas "Chatterer" Vince. We talk Hellraiser, Nightbreed, acting, writing and monsters. Find out his take on Nightbreed and the character of Kinski, his writing for comics as well as short stories, and what he's up to next. A fascinating chat with a lovely chap. 

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We were lucky enough to sit down recently with Nicholas Vince, who played Chatterer in Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, and also Kinski in Nightbreed. In part 1 of 2 we discuss his early life, meeting Clive Barker and working on the Hellraisers. Some wonderful anecdotes about the making of the films, including some very disturbing images that we nearly saw on film! 

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Carrying on through the Hellraiser EPIC comics from 1990, featuring stories written by Peter Atkins (Hellbound, Hell On Earth) and Nicholas "Chatterer" Vince! What is Leviathan's plan for a distant planet in the future? How did Face become a cenobite? What's the worst thing that could happen to you while playing the piano? Find out here ...

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We discuss the original script for Hellraiser: Bloodline. What could have been? Who are the zombie gamblers? Why didn't they send in the clowns? When was Jacques and Angelique's last holiday? Whatever happened to Valerie Dyson? (Who the hell is Valerie Dyson?) Find out here ...

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We discuss some of the feedback we've received from you - our wonderful listeners! Basically a very geeky chat about all things Hellraiser with your feedback added to our ramblings. Find out which is seen as worse - Hellworld or Revelations!

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An interview with Christopher Monfette, who wrote the first 8 issues of the new BOOM! Studios Hellraiser comics with Clive Barker. He discusses the making of the comic, working with Clive Barker, and even gives us an insight into what would have happened had he continued to write for the series. A fascinating chat about working in the Hellraiser world.

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_16.mp3
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Issues 5-8 of the new Hellraiser comic, written by Clive Barker and Christopher Monfette, the story collectively known as Requiem. Will Kirsty reach the Harrowers in time? What will happen when Pinhead finally comes face to face with her to offer her a deal? Where's Butterball? Find out here ...

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The new comic from BOOM! Studios which began last year, written by Clive Barker and Christopher Monfette. A continuation of the story from Hellraiser and Hellbound - featuring the original cenobites, Kirsty Cotton and some new faces. What is Kirsty doing nowadays? Who are the Harrowers? What is Pinhead up to? Can someone please give Clive Barker a massive budget to make this into a film?!?

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_14.mp3
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Clive Barker's third (and final to date) feature length movie, Lord of Illusions. After Nightbreed, Barker went for a film noir detective horror film, based on one of his Books of Blood. With Scott "Quantum Leap" Bakula. What is the difference between illusions and magic? Why are they screwing that iron mask onto that guy? Why was Walter Wilder cut from the Theatrical Version? Why hasn't Clive Barker directed another film? Find out the answers to a couple of these questions here ...

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_13.mp3
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Clive Barker's second film - Nightbreed. Starring many people from the world of Hellraiser as well as Mr. David Cronenberg! What is Midian? Who are the Nightbreed? Why does that guy have buttons for eyes? Listen to the podcast. It is the law!

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_12.mp3
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The first two books from the EPIC comics which were first released in 1989. The world of Hellraiser was opened up for the first time. From the Crusades to the near future via the Old West, the box and the Cenobites have been around for a long time. See what they've been up to!

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_11.mp3
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The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker - the original novella that Hellraiser was based on. This is where it all began - see how the book differs to the film in our first discussion about Clive Barker's books. And No More Souls, Gary Tunnicliffe's short fan film about what might happen to an old age Pinhead. Two wonderful pieces of the Hellraiser world. Please - feel free. Explore.

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_10.mp3
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Well here it is - a brand new Hellraiser film! Two friends disappear whilst on a wild trip to Mexico. A year later their parents have a dinner party. Then one of them turns up. What's going on? Who is that guy with nails in his head? He looks different. Has Chatterer got boobs? Find out here.

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_9.mp3
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A group of friends who are addicted to the game Hellworld get more than they bargain for when they go to a Hellworld party. Featuring Lance Henriksen and soon-to-be-Superman Henry Cavill. But is it any good? Opinions differ on this one - find out ours here!

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_8.mp3
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Fear is where you go to learn. Spunky young journalist Amy Klein is sent to Romania to investigate a cult. Who exactly are the Deaders? What's it got to do with the puzzle box? How do you get a knife out of your back? All will be revealed. Listen on ...

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_7.mp3
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Ashley Laurence returns! Film number six follows Trevor, reeling from the death of his wife trying to piece together his puzzle-like life. Are these strange things real, or hallucinations? What happened to his wife? Why is everyone trying to have sex with him? Let's find out ...

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_6.mp3
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Interviews with Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Ashley Laurence (Kirsty), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer), Simon Bamford (Butterball) and Oliver Smith (Frank the Monster/Browning). We met them all at the London Film and Comic Con 2011 and were very lucky to get these interviews. Enjoy!

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_Comic_Con.mp3
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The first stand alone Hellraiser film. A detective with questionable ethics stumbles across the Lament Configuration. But does he stumble across it? Or is someone playing games with him? Does a gritty film noir set in the Hellraiser world work? Find out here.

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_5.mp3
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So here we are. The first film not to have a number. Pinhead in space! And the puzzle box's origins! Ooooh. Surely this must be the greatest film so far!!!! Find out what we think of it. (p.s. we don't think it's the greatest film so far)

Direct download: Hellraiser_Podcast_4.mp3
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The One Where Pinhead Goes Mental. Trapped in a pillar, could you talk your way out of it? Just what is waiting for journalist Joey Summerskill at the Boiler Room club? How many pool balls can you fit in your mouth? Why does that chap have CDs in his head? All will be revealed. (Apart from the pool balls. Don't try that at home)

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We discuss the second movie in the franchise - Hellbound! From a story by Clive Barker but written by Peter Atkins and directed by Tony Randel, we explore the huge expansion of the mythology that the sequel introduces. Who is Leviathan? What's in the basement of the Channard Institute? Why does Chatterer have eyes now? Find out here ...

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Welcome to the Hellraiser Podcast! In our first episode we talk through the first movie in the Hellraiser franchise, written and directed by Clive Barker. We discuss the story, characters, actors and behind the scenes stories from the making of the movie. The podcast - you downloaded it, we came! 

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