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We dive into our booze soaked commentaries once more. And this time we swim in the waters of Hellraiser: Inferno. With no sign of Clive Barker in sight, will the movie hold our attention for the whole of its running time? And will we hold your attention for the whole of its running time? Those questions and many more will be answered here. Disclaimer - those questions and many more may not be answered here. 

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We discuss the upcoming stage production of What Monsters Do. Nicholas Vince has adapted two of his short stories for the stage and teamed up with Peter and Phil's theatre company Hidden Basement Productions to put it on! The play is part of the London Horror Festival and is on at 7:30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London on October 25th-27th 2013. See you there!

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We went to Birmingham in the middle of the UK to attend a screening of Hellraiser and Hellbound, organised by the lovely people at Back To The Theatre. Special guests there included Kenneth Cranham (Dr. Channard), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer), Simon Bamford (Butterball) and Geoff Portass (make up effects on both films). We recorded the Q&A sessions and here they are. NOTE - as it was a live recording of a staged event the sound quality does vary throughout. Sorry about that. But the chats were bloody brilliant!

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Here it is - our commentary for Hellraiser Bloodline. It features early morning drinking, Chatter Beast bashing and our favourite character from the Hellraiser universe - Jaques. Have a drink and join us! 

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In the first of 3 podcasts all about the book of short stories Hellbound Hearts, we take you through the first 7 stories. Amazing tales all set in the world of Hellraiser, or the world of Clive Barker's novella The Hellbound Heart. In Part 1 we discuss stories by Peter Atkins, Conrad Williams, Sarah Pinborough, Mick Garris, Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola, Tim Lebbon and Kelley Armstrong. 

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We discuss the movie Event Horizon, which has some Hellraiser based ideas and themes. What is the Event Horizon? Where has it been? Can this film fit into the Hellraiser world and mythology? Why the Hell didn't Bloodline look like this?!? 

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We have a chat with Barbie Wilde, the Female Cenobite from Hellbound: Hellraiser II. She chats about acting, throat flaps, writing and her brilliant new book The Venus Complex. www.barbiewilde.com 

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We talk through Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth while getting a little tipsy on wine and beer. Pop the film in your player and watch it with us! Pinhead! Unbound ... unstoppabobble. 

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Continuing the story from BOOM! Studios. Elliott is on Earth, but appears to have lost his memory, while Kirsty is coming to terms with her new role. Why is Tiffany helping Elliott? What happens when you open the box while in Hell? Where the Hell is Harry D'Amour? Do we like these issues as much as we liked issues 1-8? Use your ears to find the answers ...

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We discuss the movie Candyman from 1992, based on Clive Barker's short story The Forbidden from The Books of Blood. Who is this mysterious man with a hook for a hand? Why is he full of bees? What happens when you say his name five times while looking into a mirror? A great 90s horror film from the same year as Hellraiser 3. 

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