Hellraiser Podcast

In this little mini bonus episode we discuss the recent breaking(ish) news that there is a Hellraiser TV show in the works, being brought to us by HBO. We go through all the details there are at the moment and what we could expect to see from the show. Exciting times!

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We return to the EPIC comics for a self-isolated quarantined chat. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus Peter & Phil have had to record separately and then splice the two halves together but we hope that it still sounds the same as usual. 

After a little bit of Hellraiser news about the current reboot in the works we launch into a discussion of Books 9 & 10, featuring stories by Lana Wachowski, Nicholas Vince, Scott Hampton and D. G. Chichester. Join us as we discuss Russian Roulette, the heavyweight champion of the world, and a dive back into the world of The Devil's Brigade.

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