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Here it is - our commentary for the wonderful Deader - Hellraiser 7. We drink some boozes while watching the movie - why not join us? We discuss the making of the movie, we express our admiration for the film while simultaneously admitting it doesn't all make perfect sense, and we get all nostalgic for VHS for a while. Enjoy!




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Our third and final podcast about the short stories in the Hellbound Hearts book, all based on Clive Barker's Hellraiser mythology first explored in The Hellbound Heart. In this episode we discuss stories by Yvonne Navarro, Mark Morris, Barbie Wilde, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Nancy Kilpatrick, Gary A. Braunbeck & Lucy A. Snyder and Chaz Brenchley. Join us!




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A discussion about Clive Barker's definitive version of the movie Nightbreed - now with added extra Doug Bradley! After a few different versions doing the rounds, from the original theatrical cut to the Cabal Cut via a workprint discovered on an old VHS, we now have a fully realised director's cut of Clive's second movie. Also during the discussion is a Hellraiser trivia fact that you won't find anywhere else on the internet! (as of February 14th 2015)

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